Google To Showcase Ai Chatbot That Will Take On Chatgpt

As another part of our continued commitment to supporting local news in the U.S., we’ll invest in a local news advertising campaign placed with local outlets. We’ll also continue to partner with local news associations to offer programs that will support long-term digital transformation and sustainability.

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Google Discover is a personalized feed of articles that is available to mobile users via Android devices or the Google App on iOS. It is important to note that currently, only AMP articles are eligible for the Top Stories carousel on mobile devices. The sites that publish quickly will be the first to start accruing links and social shares, which will only amplify their performance on Google News. In fact, Google recommends that syndicated content not be indexed, although, in reality, this type of content often drives significant organic traffic for many publishers who choose to index it. Google News is a news aggregator product available both as a mobile app and by visiting in your browser.

Germany’s Antitrust Regulator Threatens Action Against Google Here’s Why

Optimizing sites to appear in Google News, Top Stories, and Google Discover is unique in many ways from the process of earning rankings in the 10 blue organic links. You can also go to, and in the bottom left, click Send feedback. If you’d like to stop someone who directly shares stories with you on Google News, you can block their account. At the top, search for the topic, place, or publication you want to follow. Separately, Google has decided to terminate the services of 6% of its global workforce, affecting around 12,000 employees. The company has succumbed to investor pressure, and no division has been spared. Notably, over 63,000 staffers were hired by the firm since the pandemic began.

google news stories

These correlations certainly should not dictate how to write your content – focusing on the quality of the content and engaging your users is the optimal approach for appearing in Discover. It is also important to avoid profanity, clickbait, or anything inappropriate or unclear in article headlines. This is by no means perfect, as it’s still possible for AMP articles to be surfaced in other areas of Google. But it can serve as a representative set of clicks and impressions from Top Stories . However, if the major publishers continue using AMP, this will make it hard for non-AMP publishers to compete with the lightning-fast load times of AMP articles. In Google Analytics, Google News traffic will show up under the referral source

Countries Without The Google News App

You can see your searches and other activity saved to your Google Account in My Activity. Google News can personalize based on some of those activities. We encourage you to visit our Publisher Help Center for help with your site.

  • Top Stories carousel for Mobile and Desktop SERPS is the most coveted spot for fresh or breaking news to surface within the Google Search ecosystem.
  • If you believe sites violate our quality guidelines for spam, offensive, or inappropriate content, you can send us feedback.
  • Follow or unfollow an interest like a topic, place, or publication.
  • Brands such as Microsoft have joined hands with OpenAI, to enrich their services.
  • Optimizing your content for News, Top Stories, and Discover can drive a lot more visibility – here’s how to make it happen.

Google Discover can also be accessed by visiting the homepage while logged into a Google Account on a mobile device using Google Chrome. This likely indicates that the criteria used to evaluate content and websites for Google News may be subject to greater scrutiny of E-A-T than that of other areas of Google Search. Regardless of how frequently a site produces content, Google is strict in its criteria for which publishers to display in Google News.


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